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Excelsior Leather is a third generation family owned and run business specializing in the design, production and perfection of genuine leather products which will last for generations. The production unit has been based in Potchefstroom since 2015. However, the story of Excelsior Leather starts in 1941.

There was a very famous equestrian named Tarzan du Toit. He had a horse named “Fire Dog”, and together they were famous throughout the country, even appearing in movies such as "Die Kavaliers" and "The Hellions".

Du Toit started the “Afrikaanse Leerwerkery” in 1941 in Kerk Street, Rustenburg, next to the old Rustenburg post office, on premises previously occupied by a hotel. People from all over the country supported this establishment for repairs, saddles, harnesses and other tack. He also manufactured new equipment, including Veldskoene.

He married Tannie Max in 1943, and they built up the business before selling it to the well-known Pretorius family. The Pretorius family sold the business to Mrs Dina de Jong, who in turn sold it to Mrs Lea Swart in 1970 for the phenomenal amount of R250. She in turn sold it back to the Pretorius family who owned the land. MW Pretorius erected the building which housed the shop until 2003. This building can still be seen at 137 Kerk Street, Rustenburg.

The business came into our family through Mr Bossie Hefer, who bought it in 1988. He sold it to his son-in- law and present owner Chris de Bruyn, who started manufacturing durable, high-quality leather goods on the old premises. The business was successful until 2004, when the demand for cheap Chinese goods finally outstripped the demand for long lasting, quality goods.

Chris and Lucia de Bruyn moved to Potchefstroom in 2012 and started manufacturing leather goods again in 2015. Since then the business has grown into the current premises in the Potchefstroom Industrial area. Our values of uncompromising quality, with goods that last for decades, remain the same. All goods carry a full three-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.